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Tips from a Cambridge Admissions Tutor

What does your role as the Director of Admissions involve and what do you enjoy the most about it? I have overall responsibility for planning and managing undergraduate and graduate admissions to Christ’s College, Cambridge, and for overseeing our outreach activities, both in the UK and outside it. I also participate in University policy-making on …

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My Story: Erin, French and Linguistics at Oxford

To be honest I wished I could have had someone who could have told me what I had to do, any relevant advice at all would have been welcomed, and someone who could have reassured me I was doing the right thing. (People who had been through the process and come out the other side were few and far between where I lived.)

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Oxford College System

  Prospective applicants seem to get super stressed about which college to apply to but this stage of the application process should be the fun part. Oxford, Cambridge and Durham differ from other UK universities, in that they are collegiate. This means that whilst you attend ‘Oxford University’ you are affiliated to a particular college …

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Am I right for Oxford?

Am I clever enough? Will everyone be cleverer than me? Will the tutors like me? These are the questions I asked myself over and over again. There is no doubt about it Oxford can seem intimidating. The stunning architecture, Harry Potter-esque dining halls and world expert tutors are enough to make most prospective applicants feel …

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Behind the Walls: International Students at Oxford

Oxford student and blogger ThatOxfordGirl answered some questions about international students at Oxford. Can international students apply to Oxford? Of course they can apply, my undergraduate year group included students from India, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Europe.  The post-graduate courses at Oxford are bursting with international students from every corner of the world. Is …

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Timeline and checklist for UK undergraduate applications

Staying on top of all the parts of university applications is really important if you want to be prepared in the best possible way and avoid sleepless nights. We’ve created a timeline and checklist (click here for a bigger version) you can use to plan and track the progress of your application to your dream university in the …

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UCAS step by step

UCAS is the awesome digital home of applications to universities in the UK. It is the central website through which you can apply to all the different top tier universities across the, and it makes everything so much easier. You will love it. Basically, the information you put into UCAS gets distributed to specific universities …

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