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Tips from a Cambridge Admissions Tutor

What does your role as the Director of Admissions involve and what do you enjoy the most about it? I have overall responsibility for planning and managing undergraduate and graduate admissions to Christ’s College, Cambridge, and for overseeing our outreach activities, both in the UK and outside it. I also participate in University policy-making on …

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Experiences as a Muslim student at Oxford University

How open do you think Oxford is towards your faith? From my experience, most of Oxford is an incredibly tolerant environment. You don’t realise exactly how tolerant until you get here. There is so much solidarity and support in the student community, whatever race, religion, orientation, or background you’re from, everyone is welcome and any …

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Timeline for Master’s applications

Applying for a Master’s degree can be confusing and many people end up preparing in a suboptimal way. We’ve created a timeline and checklist (click here for a bigger version) you can use to plan and track the progress of your application to the Master’s program of your dreams to make sure you are on top of …

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Applying to top UK universities: tips for a successful application

Your first steps to studying at UK’s best universities Studying abroad is a great adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will widen your horizons and grant you thousands of new possibilities. Here, we will outline the very basics of applying to study in the United Kingdom, in particular its top universities, so you can learn …

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How to use the Knowledge Base

What’s the purpose of this knowledge base? We are creating the most comprehensive and most easily accessible one-stop guide to getting into your dream university on the planet. We want to take you, dear Reader, from being all confused about what studying abroad is or why you should even do it in the first place …

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