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My Story: Viktor, Engineering at Cambridge

My name is Viktor and when I was young (13 say) my dream was to study abroad, remain abroad for some twenty years and then return to Sweden, barely knowing how to speak the language.
Fortunately, my dream changed as I got older and I settled for the far more reasonable dream of studying at the University of Cambridge. Since graduating, I have had a break from engineering to study music but am now moving back into the field of Engineering again to try and combat climate change.

Why did you apply for Engineering?

I wanted to perfect my English and experience what life and studies were like at a world class university. I also wanted to live in a historical city like Cambridge and take part in some of its many traditions.

How did you like Cambridge?

The experience at Cambridge was intense, in more ways than I could have imagined. In Cambridge, people study incredibly hard, harder than I had ever seen anyone do, but they also make sure to live and make the most of the many, many opportunities available within and outside of the University.

What is your top tip for applicants from Sweden?

Think carefully about the reasons why you would like to study at Cambridge and make a list of them. If one of the reasons on that list isn’t that you love the subject, you will probably find that the study burden too hard.

What would you say to your next Project Access Mentee? 

Be open and inquisitive as a Mentee!


Viktor is from Sweden and is studying for a Master in Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

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