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My Story: Dee Dee, Children’s Literature at Cambridge

Why did you decide to apply to Cambridge?

I wanted to study children’s literature and there are only a few universities in the UK that offers a master’s program in this area. It was a long shot but I got in and I love my course!

What was the application process like? Do you have any advice for prospective applicants?

The online application is very simple and straight forward. Cambridge is the only university that requires an entrance essay and an application fee. It is best to let someone read your personal statement and essay before you submit them.

How are you finding your experience at Cambridge so far?dee dee

I love my course and the people in my college. It would be really convenient if you know how to cycle and a pain if you don’t. Cambridge is so beautiful and eventful. Other than my study, I’m also doing other non-academic stuff that makes my experience even more fun and memorable.

What is your top tip for applicants from Hong Kong?

Don’t be scared. Don’t underestimate yourself. Give it a go and you might get in!

Dee Dee is from Hong Kong and studies Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge.

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