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My Story: Dylan, Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Dylan. I am from a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada, called Bridgewater. I played many sports as a child, and also enjoyed reading.

Why did you want to study Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard?

At Harvard you do not apply to a degree program going in. My plan changed near the end of my first year. My inspiration to apply to Harvard actually came from another student from my high school getting in 3 years before me, so I figured I could do it, too.

What was the application process like? Do you have any advice for prospective applicants?

The application process is pretty similar to any American school. Filling out the Common App is the main piece, with personal info and club participation. There is also an essay which is very important to the application, which allows you to write about anything at all. Write about something you are passionate about, and that gets your voice across.

How are you finding your experience at Harvard so far?

The biggest transition for me was getting used to how intelligent and accomplished everyone was. People here are incredible and it can sometimes be intimidating, but everyone is still human. Workload was actually not that shocking, but the biggest change is getting used to college writing.

What is your top tip for applicants from Canada?

Have a few things on your application or essay that you can speak truly about without thinking much. Demonstrate how you can be a creative and passionate member of an academic community.

Dylan is from Canada and is studying Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard.

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