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My Story: Lucia, International Public Policy at UCL

I decided to study abroad to widen my perspective. I am French and earned my bachelor degree from an American University, thus I decided to go for a British degree for my master’s.

I chose my university and course according to academic reputation and school’s location. Studying abroad is not only about academic performance, but also personal growth. Therefore, the school’s environment was as important as its reputation. I was glad I found a balance between my studies at UCL and my life in London.

At first I did not expect my programme to be so theoretical, but then realized that there were plenty of opportunities to learn and get practical experience. Every week there are always events or conferences, where we can approach people in the field of social sciences. I found that individuals were very open and willing to help, which make knowledge learned at university more realistic.

Lucia is from France and studied for a Master in International Public Policy at UCL.

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