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My Story: Nicolas, MBA in Social Sciences at Cambridge

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Nico, I grew up in Spain (Zaragoza, Madrid and Toledo) where I developed my passion for people, travelling, cinema and doing good! Did my Egineering Degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and then moved to Germany to study an M.Sc. After a short fun stay in Australia and some years of corporate experience back in Madrid, I packed my bags again to discover the UK and here I am!

Why did you apply to study MBA at Cambridge?
I wanted to develop my business management skills while discovering the amazing Cambridge legacy!

How does applying for a postgraduate degree differ from applying for undergraduate?
Business experience and professional references are important. You are not only expected to learn from others, you need to add your contribution as well!

How are you finding your experience at Cambridge so far?

What is your top tip for applicants from Spain?
Don’t be shy! get involved in the process (networking opportunities, skype sessions, open days, etc.) and, of course, prepare!

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